Successful Oceanside Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is the first step in every successful alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation program. It is also the most challenging phase. The right kind of medical and psychological support is critical at this stage to help the alcohol dependent person remain committed to the treatment and de-addiction program. At  Our Addiction Rehab, our physicians are highly trained and experienced alcoholism treatment therapists. They have a deep seated understanding of the varying needs of patients which allows them to offer effective care and treatment that results in full, life long recovery. Oceanside residents can come to us for in- patient and out- patient detox.

Help in Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox can become a most trying time for an alcohol dependent Oceanside resident because of the withdrawal symptoms that make an appearance during this treatment phase. The individual may suffer from mild symptoms such as shivering, irritability, headaches or severe ones such as delirium tremens, severe depression etc. To deal with these without succumbing to the lure of alcohol again, the individual needs emotional support as well as medical attention.

Those patients who are heavily dependent on alcohol may experience severe withdrawal symptoms as soon as three to eight hours after the last alcoholic drink. In some individuals, there is risk of serious medical complications arising if they are forced to completely abstain from alcohol during detox.

To ensure that each patient gets the right kind of attention and care during detox,Our Addiction Rehab physicians assess his/ her degree of dependency before starting this phase of treatment. This assessment helps us determine if a gradual weaning away from alcohol is the safer and more effective detox method for the patient. In many cases, our physicians recommend medications that subdue the effects of withdrawal as well.

Research has shown that the same detox process may not suit all patients. At Our Addiction Rehab, tailor- made detox programs are created for each patient so that he/ she faces the minimum discomfort and the greatest chances of completing the detox successfully.

Counseling for Patients and Family Members

During detox, the patient has to curb both physical and mental cravings. This is a difficult task that often has the patient losing confidence in his/ her ability to truly overcome addiction. Many patients succumb to the call of alcohol at this stage, undoing all the good work that has been done so far. At Our Addiction Rehab, we firmly believe that relapse is a temporary setback that each of our patients can overcome successfully. We ensure that the Oceanside resident is kept motivated all through the detox process, irrespective of whether or not he/ she is able to avoid relapsing.

Our physicians also counsel the Oceanside resident’s family/ friends and train them in the many ways they can help the patient’s recovery. With the guidance of our physicians you can maintain a positive environment around the patient that plays a significant role in reducing the risk of relapse.

At  Our Addiction Rehab, we know that with the right kind of care and treatment every one of our patients can leave this illness behind and recovery fully. If you or your loved Oceanside relative or friend has developed an addiction to alcohol, call us right away. We have the right solutions for life time recovery.