Alcoholism in Oceanside

Alcoholism is not as serious a problem in Oceanside as drug abuse but a good number of residents do fall prey to this ailment year after year. The party culture in this location is the primary cause of these dependencies. Often, individuals who develop dependency on alcohol fail to comprehend the extent of the problem. It is the family members and friends of such individuals who intervene in time and encourage them to seek treatment.

At Our Addiction Rehab, we have helped hundreds of Oceanside residents overcome alcoholism and regain control of their lives. We help right from the intervention stage, offer effective detoxification and rehabilitation to help the individual overcome his/ her dependency on alcohol in the shortest possible time.

Guidance in Staging Successful Interventions

Intervention is the first and perhaps the most critical stage in alcohol addiction treatment. During intervention, close friends and family members force the individual to overcome denial and accept that he/ she has an illness. However, successful interventions take place only when the interveners maintain a completely non- judgmental approach. The intervention also needs to be staged at a time when the addicted individual is receptive to advice. At Our Addiction Rehab, our physicians can help in staging such successful interventions.

Our immense experience with alcoholism affected patients and our addiction therapy training help us identify the right time for interventions. Our physicians will also guide you on the how you should approach the patient during the intervention.

In- Patient and Out- Patient Detoxification

The detox process is a most challenging phase of addiction treatment. This is when the patient has to go through withdrawal symptoms which may range from mild problems like tremors or irritability to serious ones like convulsions.

Our Addiction Rehab offers both in- patient and out- patient detoxification to address the varying needs of different patients. Our physicians undertake a thorough assessment of patient’s health and his/ her ability to stay committed to abstinence. Based on this assessment they recommend the most suitable detox program.

In- patient care is usually recommended for patients who are likely to develop complications during the detox. Since these individuals have immediate access to top notch medical care at our facility, this kind of detox is safest for them even if they do have serious complications during withdrawal.

Rehabilitation Programs Designed for Long Term Recovery

For patients who have completed detox, our physicians design a program of rehabilitation that is specifically created for him/ her. At this stage, we offer both medical care and psychological care, the latter through counseling sessions. During these sessions we train the patient to deal with mental cravings that create the urge to drink. Once the patient learns to address these weaknesses, she/ he can easily gain control of the addiction.

Our counseling sessions also include family members and close associates of the addicted individual. They are given guidance on the many ways in which they can maintain a positive and motivating environment at home which hastens the patient’s recovery.

Learn how you too can ensure that your Oceanside friend or relative can overcome his/ her alcoholism problem for life. Talk to Our Addiction Rehab physicians today to know how you can successfully intervene and get your loved one the help he/ she needs right away.